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Tribalism, Greed, A Pathway To Nigerian Disintegration

Dr Vowero Otomewo-Oriakhi

Since the amalgamation of Nigeria, the country has fallen short of what it’s supposed to have represented. Nigeria is blessed with human and natural resources that can feed the world.Since the end of Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Sahara salve trade, the boom in economic activities in Africa can never be overemphasized.

Though Nigeria is a mult-cultural and multi-ethnic society, the people cohabitation has been challenging and difficult.Since the first republic, nepotism, tribalism and ethnicity has damaged what would have made the country stronger.

Tribalism and Ethnicity Re-conceptualized:According to Wikipedia, tribalism is the state of being organized in, or advocating for, a tribe or tribes. In terms of conformity, tribalism may also refer in popular cultural terms to a way of thinking or behaving in which people are more loyal to their tribe than to their friends, their country, or any other social group. Tribalism has been defined in engaged theory as a ‘way of being’ based upon variable combinations of kinship-based organization, reciprocal exchange, oral communication, and analogical enquiry. It is defined as “a label for social groups who feel a distinct sense of difference by virtue of common culture and descent” (Glazer and Moynihan, 1975).

With the above stated, there has been issues of corruption eating deep into the heart of the nation. Politicians and other public office holders who are supposed to champion the cause of nation building, are the same ones embezeling  the common wealth of the people.

Undoubtedly, the Public Service reflects the state of the nation and no nation has been able to advance beyond its Public Service. In Nigeria, the relationship between ethnic loyalty and public valued opportunities bespeak volumes of absurdities and preponderance of collapsed institutions. Public bureaucracies are brazenly personalized and run against key features of public service such as strict adherence to competence, meritocracy, professionalism, accountability and impartiality in Nigeria.  Complete and or partial stealing/abuse of opportunities based on blood, family, friendship, other ethnic, nepotic and favouritist constructs embellished with organizational stories and myths to further legitimize them have turned a norm that no one bathes an eyelid upon observing the trend.

But for the EndSars protest that engulfed Nigeria, who knew that Tinubu and his sons are the owners of Lagos Tollgate?  Before he was elected , President Mohammadu Buhari told us that he would bring changes. Where are we today?

The insecurity of today is because of the failure of our political office holders. They have failed woefully!!! Those who they are supposed to govern are turning against them and they think they are cute. Nigeria is almost becoming a banana republic of insecurity. People kidnap and demand for ransom for doing nothing.

No creation of jobs. If there’s an opening, the rich would have penciled down their families , friends and cronies for the job. Our children are jobless and it has pushed them to crime. 

The recent EndSars protest was just a tip of the iceberg because the mother of all protest is nigh if the leadership of this country isn’t careful.
There is a massive brain drain and we think our society is progressing? I’m calling on Nigerians to rise up and speak out for justice, equity and fairness. They shouldn’t be afraid. If we don’t speak, our lives may be enjoyable today but what about our children and the ones unborn? What would be their fate? Many of these men have secured their generation futures.
It’s time to rise up and push for a massive change in all sectors. They are dividing us to their benefit. The united we are, the poorer they get, the divided we become, the stronger they grow. Our unity is their problem, let’s not fall prey into their hands because we have already won. Enough is Enough!!!

Dr Vowero Otomewo-Oriakhi is an International Best Selling author, philanthropist, John Maxwell Certified motivational speaker and confidence coach, a social analyst and activist based in the United Kingdom

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