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Real change starts with one. It starts with perceiving ideas and nurturing those ideas, gradually working and walking towards the execution of that idea and the birth of that Project.
You and I have that power to make those changes , no matter how small. You are one person, and every thing starts with one.
Be it decision, or invention, it starts with one ie either you or Me, Now we have to decide whether we want to be bold and confident enough to make that move and start it , or whether we allow fear and the validation and/or appraisal of others to cripple us before we take the first step

There is power in one… and being the One! You have to understand that you are the the one, so that you will stop looking at others, or being intimidated about other peoples progress, or their gifts and their talents. You’ve got to understand that you are the One and that your Creator has deposited something in you which you alone can exhibit.
Sometimes the reason why you go through some challenges is because you are the One, it’s because you are unique.

If you do not understand that you are special, then you will not understand why you go through some of these challenges in life.

The enemy (Devil) sets some traps for us because he already knows we are the One, he already knows we carry so much gifts and talents and wants to disrupt Gods plan for us , but if we know who else are and whose we are we shall continue to win..
To whom much is given, Much is required.


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  1. Lovely…thanks for sharing… God bless you ma

  2. It is because we are special that we go through some challenges. Acknowledging my uniqueness will help me face the challenges better.

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