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"Lady V is a problem solver and solution to provider to women on a large scale"
Fleur Richardson
Her strategies are bespoke and timely, she encourages me to be unapologetic always, thank you my coach lady V"
Miss Ogunfe
"To God be the glory for great things HE has done, for the power to let go of hurt and 'negative yesterday.' Life indeed happened to me, and as we know when storms of life rages, it brings some people closer to you and takes some far from you even those you cherish. One of those people it brought closer is the one and only Lady V, my Mentor and Coach. I must sincerely appreciate Her for Her prayers, support and encouragement. I remember meeting her for the first time in Abuja Nigeria precisely on 16th December, 2017, where she held a FREE Confidence Coaching Class for people especially women. I saw a Woman with a Pure Soul. A woman filled with the Milk of human kindness. I really appreciate you my Coach and Mentor. In our journey of life, we encounter pains, but God has a way of lifting these pains to the greater glory of HIS name. To HIM alone be all the glory forever and ever, Amen!"
Favour Obinna
"Thank you my Coach and Mentor (Lady V) for an eye opening session, for the past few weeks, after having my 1:1 session with you, I I have been able to step out in confidence and boldness on social media. I am now bold enough to use my picture, my real name and speak my mind unapologetically. With the help of your strategies, I am now more intentional with my every day life, from my marriage to my career. Thank you Coach Vowero"
Regina Paul-Okoro
I have suffered rejection and intimidation for a very long time which damaged my self esteem. The first I heard you speak, I was baffled by your strong personality and confidence and authority when you speak. I admired you and really wanted to be like you. When I booked for a free 30 minute session with you, I won't forget you told me not to be like you but to be the best version of myself. I saved up for your mentorship program, and since then, I truly am not the same. Even my husband and colleagues at work can see the difference. Thank you so much Lady V"
Emma Akindele