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State of The Nation: On Herdsmen and Southern Leaders Meeting

I was listening to Arise Television a few days ago and my attention was drawn to something that Prof. Yusuf said. As we all know, the South-South governors had a meeting and drew up a 12 Point Agenda which was submitted to the Presidency. One of the points in that Agenda was the ban on open grazing in Southern Nigeria. Prof. Yusuf said on Arise Television that the Governors have no right to hold a meeting without inviting others. In essence, saying that the Southern Governors cannot meet without the permission of the other Governors in the country.

The Northern Governors have been meeting without the Southern Governors present, in fact, the Presidency has also been meeting on matters concerning the south without any of the Southern Governors present, yet someone says that the country is not divided. Nigeria is clearly not one.

Does this mean that people cannot meet, they have to obtain permission from the Fulani dictators? The Southern Governors have a right to meet and discuss the matters concerning their states. Telling them not to meet without inviting others is like telling the children of a family not to meet without inviting their neighbours. Why is this dictatorship allowed to continue being so deadly to Nigerians? This is not right.

Are you blaming the agitators of Oduduwa Nation and Biafra Nation for agitating? I cannot blame them, because the situation of the country is terrible. It not just the insecurity in the country, the hatred, the division, the dictatorship, the oppression in Nigeria is too much. 

At this point, Nigeria is already divided and it might be pertinent to say that we should please divide Nigeria because it will save lives. 

The Fulani herdsmen do not own Nigeria. 

Nigeria is not owned by the Fulani herdsmen, they are not the leaders of this country. A hundred farmers were killed in Benue, and Garba Shehu asked who they obtained permission from before going to the farm. Are we now saying that farmers cannot go to their own land to work and they have to obtain permission from the Fulanis first? 

I believe that nobody would want to be humiliated, least of all on their deathbeds, so if the allegations that the President is ill are true, then there should be a statement about it, but the people around him have kept it quiet for their own personal gain. If he is truly ill, then he is incapable of ruling this country and needs to step aside. 

Nigerians did not vote for Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina, Bashir Ahmed and anyone else who has been coming out to speak on the President’s behalf.

You call others agitating terrorists yet refuse to acknowledge the terrorists within your own areas. This should not be so. 

You can force a horse to the river, but you cannot force it to drink. You canot force Nigerians to accept leaders they do not want. The earlier the politicians and government sit up to deal with the insecurity in the country. The whole world is watching. This government is not democratic. 

Stop oppressing people.

The South-South Governors have sat up and had a meeting to address the insecurity in the country. The terrorists are operating from known locations and they have not been arrested, but people in the Southeast and Southwest are being bombed and killed for protesting and the like. The terrorists are being offered amnesty instead.

Open grazing has been banned in the south and so whoever has an interest in rearing their cattle should build ranches for the Fulani herdsmen in the North. There is ample land in the North for grazing their cattle.

It’s now clear to all that they prefer cows and Fulani herdsmen to human beings

Since Malami (Nigerian Attorney General)  is comparing Igbo spare part traders to Fulani herdsmen I have three questions for him to answer:

  1. Do the Igbo spare part dealers kill farmers?
  2. Do they rape women when selling spare parts?
  3. Do they litter cow dung in the Streets?

To any reasonable individual, the answers to these three questions is “NO”. Comparing the Igbo spare parts dealers to Fulani herdsmen is an unfair comparison and is an insult to those who are peacefully and legally conducting their businesses in Nigeria. This is a sign of oppression.

Let us say no to oppression and violence in Nigeria.

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