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Priority Shift – Birthday Post

Our Priorities definitely shift and change as we get older, at least this is what we should expect from healthy growth as human beings expected to mature and become wiser. As I celebrate yet another year added to my life, I am led to briefly share the shift in my priorities I have observed in my life journey so far. My hope is that you can relate to and/or learn from this post. I implore you to read on.

As a child, between the ages of 1-4, I know all I wanted was to play and not be restricted, nothing really mattered as long as I could run around and play to celebrate my birthday, I was fine. Cake was a bonus. As I got older, preteen to teenage, I started to care more about what I was wearing. I wanted to make sure I was the best dressed, I wanted to make sure I impressed my friends. My priority at that age was pleasing others, to be liked, to be acknowledged as an important personality. In my 20s, my priorities didn’t shift as much, I wanted to impress my friends, and make sure after the party everyone was talking about how much fun they had. In my late 20s and early 30s, being a wife and mother, I started to want less for myself and more for my family. This priority evolved as I grew older, I began to careless about what I wear, what other people thought about my parties and celebrations, my priorities shifted. It became less about what I could get as per gifts and compliments. It became all about my family and how I can help other people that are less privileged than I am. In my 40s, I began to visit orphanages and old people’s homes on my birthday or on Christmas Day. I do this with my family, as a way to spend quality time together while making an impact in other people’s lives.

As we get older, our priorities change. The wiser we become, the more we realise that we need not devote so much time and emotion on vanity. What really matters is love, family, purpose and passion. We learn that life is not about impressing others but loving ourselves and becoming better versions of ourselves everyday in order to serve other people.

Today, I challenge you to have some self reflection time. No matter how old you are or your stage in life’s journey, reflect on your priorities through life till date. Analyse them, and be thankful for growth and maturity.

Remember to be unapologetic in all you do.

Love and light,

Lady V

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