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Mind Your Watch

Everyone has their own path, their own journey, their own schedule, their own timing. Today, I encourage you to mind your own watch and ignore what other people are doing.

Looking at ones watch to tell time is a way of keeping track of happenings. Our lives as individuals have their own watches, they determine the time and season we are in as individuals. No one’s watch tells time the same way.

That being said, when we start to look at our watch o judge the pace of others, when we start comparing our micro wins to the macro wins, then we must pause and admit that we have done ourselves a great injustice. Our watch is for us, it tells the time for us, and not other people.

Minding your business is a strength, and being distracted by other peoples business is a weakness, we fail to admit.

The fingers on the human hand have never been equal, therefore we must realise that comparison is an unfair and unrealistic distraction. They say comparison is the thief of joy, and that couldn’t be more true. When we mind our own watches, focus on our wins, no matter how small, and mind our business, joy wells from our hearts in form of gratitude. Do not allow joy to be stolen from you, it is much too precious. Say no to comparison today. We are all different, with different journeys, different paces.

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