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International Confidence Coach, Best Selling Author Lady V Bags Doctorate Degree In U.S.A

International Confidence Coach, Best Selling Author Lady V Bags Doctorate Degree In U.S.A

Renowned international confidence coach, Vowero Otomewo-oriakhi (aka) Lady V has been awarded with a honorary doctorate degree by one of the most prestigious institutions in the United States of America.
According to information at our disposal, she was singled out amongst many who were penciled down for the honour.

Lady V who has continued to help individuals become the best versions of themselves, through counselling, mind management techniques, passion and purpose identification and development amongst many others, so they can live a more fulfilled life has continued to show that African women and Nigeria in particular can’t be relegated to the background, as she continued to represent the continent in top international gatherings and life fulfilling coaching programmes.

There aren’t many women who exude courage, Confidence and Class like her, so her honour doesn’t come as a surprise. As a speaker, she’s not just eloquent but also very humorous.

Her Amazon best sellers are attestation to the changes she wants to bring to the  world, with her contributions to the development and lives of people who want positive change.

Little wonder she has been receiving awards and bagging recognitions from different facet of life.

Lady V who’s is in her early 50s, will pass for a 35-year-old because of her regular  exercise routine, healthy diet, and prayerful lifestyle.

Her last book signing,  Lessons From The 52nd Street was done in Vienna, Austria in 2019.

The source also added that she’s currently working on another book called Thrive: “Navigating Life Through Menopause”. At This Stage , we are yet to confirm the country that would be blessed with her presence.

It is also gathered that Lady V would be meeting with top international celebrities, dignitaries, A listers and life coaches /speakers, authors etc. Though we are not yet sure of the venue and date, it would be communicated to everyone when we receive additional scoop.

We say a big congratulations to our one and only versatile British-Nigerian Confidence Coach, Best Selling Author who doesn’t take “NO” for an answer.
She’s referred to by many as a voice of the voiceless. Dr. V, we celebrate this recognition and await many more.

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