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As a confidence coach and motivational speaker, I have found that the root cause of many people’s lack of self confidence stems from past and present life experiences that have not been dealt with or addressed.

Many haven’t even spoken up about what they go through. They bottle it up inside, and inevitably the unaddressed emotions fester, thus detonating their self love, sense of self worth and self confidence.

“The Listening Ear” subscription service with Lady V aims to give people a safe space to speak without the fear of misunderstanding, judgement or condemnation, enabling people break out of the prison built by their challenges and negative emotions, helping them to blossom in self love, self worth and self confidence to be the very best versions of themselves.

We all face challenges in life, both unique and shared experiences

Most times, due to the hurt of past betrayal, or the fear of misunderstanding and harsh judgement, we keep it all locked up inside.

Do you need someone to just listen to you while you offload the pain?

Do you need sound, objective , and unbiased advise?

I would love to offer you “The Listening Ear” subscription service with Lady V.

A listening ear and objective advice available to you when you most need it on a monthly subscription.

You are never alone, and you do not have to go through life’s challenges alone, as I know how it feels to go through life challenges without a single soul to speak to.

There is freedom and relief and speaking your truth, knowing someone is there to listen and encourage you.

Subscribe now and lets talk.

The current offer (as at 15th December 2019) is for the first 30 subscribers till the 4th of January 2020.

Upon subscription, you will be directed to the Facebook community, which holds the guidelines and services included in this offer.Services within this offer include: Weekly 45 minutes calls, Emergency calls, Voice-notes, Weekly reports, and much more.


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