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Don’t Play Safe, Play POWERFUL

The Power in Breaking Habits

Everyone knows how to improve their fitness, it is generally to apply to play sports to develop their muscles. But do you know how to enrich your mental strength? Becoming stronger mentally requires an iron will in addition to an awareness of bad habits acquired.

The ability to cope with adversity is to get away from the bad habits that make us lose energy and weaken us mentally. Here are a few habits which you must separate to become mentally more resistant:

1) Self Pity

Things do not always go as planned, so do not worry about it because its energy wasted unnecessarily. People with a great deal of mental strength never feel sorry for themselves. On the contrary, they take responsibility and admit that life is not always easy.

2) Being a Change “Hater”

This is an essential action that you must ban. Do not try to avoid change any more. Mentally strong people know it. “They welcome changes and are flexible. They know that change is inevitable and believe in their coping skills.

3) Being a People Pleaser

Individuals who want to please everyone ends up not complimenting themselves and feel unhappy. Resilient people do not make this mistake. They do not hesitate to say no if it’s necessary. These individuals seek to be good and fair but can show their dissatisfaction when they feel we have not been right with them.

4) Repeating the same mistakes

You’ve probably heard Einstein’s quote “The definition of madness is always doing the same thing, and waiting for different results.” Mentally strong people have assimilated this quote. They accept the consequences of their actions and learn from their past mistakes so as not to reproduce them.

5) Being a Success “Hater”

It is natural to be envious, however it is again a loss of energy. Indeed, the energy lost to compare yourself to others can be used to better. Resilient people are not jealous of others and do not feel in danger when their colleagues perform better. They recognize that success comes with work and are willing to work hard to increase their own chances of success.

6) Being afraid of your own self (being alone)

A recent study found that many people would rather receive an electric shock than spend time alone. However, mentally resistant people enjoy their own company and do not always need others to entertain them, they can be fulfilled in solitude.

7) The feeling of entitlement (the world actually doesn’t owe you anything)

People who are psychologically strong and resistant know that nothing is offered to them, they are aware that they have to work hard to get what they want. They expect nothing from others and do not think the world owes them anything. Instead, they seek opportunities based on their own merits.

In conclusion, People with a strong mind do not feel that their energy and attention are limited resources. They know that a steel mind and the control of their emotions allow them to excel on a daily basis.

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