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Departure time; Welcome to 2020

The Weather is still cold. Temperature 3 degrees Celsius in London.
And now, after spending quality time bonding more and more with all our children who are now adults by Gods grace . 
It’s time to go back to their Various Stations .  
We had great quality time in Gods Presence , If you know me you know that’s My Number one Priority .  
We had good home made food , Courtesy Chef Vowero.. ( Chef Vee).
We all visited our Favourite restaurants and tried one or two new ones, as we are all goodies.
We didn’t do much window shopping this time around , as our priorities have changed , we prefer instead to go to the house of God, or go for Marathons , or Stay home to enjoy and Celebrate Gods goodness over the this decade.
One thing I have learnt and am still working on, is affirming my Family, affirming my children individually, as they all have their divine spice that they bring into my pot of Soup.
So I go on to declare Gods word over their Lives even in their absence.
No matter my situation, or Circumstance , they are on my Priority List.. , I call them by their Names and Pet names and I pour out my motherly Prayers in Conjuction with Gods Word over them. Sometimes while they are asleep in the Middle of the night , I sneak in to their rooms , and kneel by their bed side and make Declaration over them. .. ahhhhh… You think God is not watching?… Hhh mmm…  
I remember on few occassion they say Mum are you okay ? Of Course I will smile and answer “Yes” my dear…” I am just a Woman on a Mission ” ..  
I love God and I love my Children !!!  
The Labour Room was an expensive joke only God and only God can promote one to that level and graduate one also to go in and come out alive… again this is another real story for another Post!! .. 
I was on my toes almost all through their stay this break , as they remind me of so much and demand that I redo some stuff , and I will happily go into their requests, as we really intentionally continue our bonding time.  
All three of them Loved to hug us ( Myself and Babaibeji) almost at regular intervals , because I have thought them right from the Labour Room that Genuine Hugs are Therapeutic.. 
The Bible says Train up your child in the way they should go do that when they are grown ups, they will not depart from it; (Proverbs 22 : 6 ) 
All three of them love Music / Singing / Dancing like Mum.
Twin one , Loves Playing Piano , and Car Racing , While Twin two , Loves Playing Violin and also loves gymnastics.
I am the Chair – Lady of their Fan Club.. as I make sure I support them in all they do in my own little way.  
My Daughter Celebrity Lady Didi ( Davina ) who happens to be my Executive assistant loves Dancing , Song writing, Singing, and Speaking, again I try as much as Possible to support… although in all these BabaIbeji is just the quite , Shy and a mega introvert.. , the reason we compliment each other.. Lol… God knows best ..  
So my Twin one was at a Big Concert , Played Piano at a Mega Gathering in Central London , and I could not help but shed tears as I remembered trying to breast feed him and his brother simultaneously in one of the Hospitals in UK (twins babies ) today He is not only doing well academically , he is using his Talent / Hobby to Serve God and Humanity.  
Twin 2 , made sure he chooses my gym instructors and suggests to them how to help me and my Sports activities, he insists on me joining a few Marathons in London, Jogging , Keeping fit , ..  
They All sometimes Suggests on what events to attend, trips to embank on , places to visit etc.. even my forth coming TV SHOW they are all wrong their suggestions .. Ahh… Won’t He Do it !!! My God us so Merciful.  
Now as the Holiday draws to an end, it’s time to go back to their Various Stations..  
We all have had quality time no doubt, we give God the Glory for that, we always pray for the Less Privileged, those who need parental Love , Security , Warmth , Truth and Divine Provision that God Almighty will open doors for them that no Man can shut.  
As my boys depart today , it’s Sweet and Sour for me. They are my best friends like their Sister Lady Didi , We hugged and Prayed and I whisper to their ears what only God and Us have agreed , That Failure is NOT FOUND IN THEIR DICTIONARY.. that have agreed it’s a Deal.. , Now hear them individually what they told me only few miniutes ago… 
Mum we are so Proud of you and thank God daily that we have a godly and Funky Mummy.. like you.. You can be sure we shall not let you down !! Just Relax !! Gods got us !!!  
Waoooooow !!! Happy Happy Happiest 2020 to The World

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